Aug 282015

We all love (or at least use) stuff. And it all needs to be moved around. Freight transport efficiency might not seem a particularly appealing topic, but consider for a moment how much extra energy is used moving2ec7232 goods from Point A to Point B, and the additional pollution and emissions that inevitably follow unless freight systems are made as efficient as they can be.

Charles talks with Swedish expert Niklas Arvidsson about his insightful work on this problem.  Is it true that a delivery route can be more efficient in one direction than another? Can trams and light rail deliver things as well as people?  Is “eco-driving” useful?  How much does transport contribute to greenhouse emissions compared to other sectors? You’ll hear answers to these and other questions in this episode.

For more information about Niklas and his work go here, and to read his thought-provoking thesis, follow this link.

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