Aug 282015

Energy poverty in the developing world is real, but there are major arguments over how to alleviate it, particularly when it comes to coal vs. renewables.

Joshuadownload Lewis, an economist at the University of Montreal,  has taken a good hard look at how electrification and the household technology that it enabled changed people’s lives in rural America over three decades.

He assembled a unique data-set and clarified just what electricity did for people’s health, employment and daily lives.  Hear his account of this project in conversation with Charles.

Find out more about Jonathan and his work here.

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Aug 282015

Our very first guest, Rachel Rothschild, is working on her book RR2 A Poisonous Sky: Acid Rain and the Emergence of Environmental Science and Diplomacy, outlining the history of acid rain and how the world dealt with it from its emergence as a global problem in the sixties.

There are important lessons here for current diplomacy on greenhouse emissions in the lead-up to the Paris climate talks.

Rachel is an Assistant Professor at New York University where you can visit her profile page, or alternatively, her personal website.


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